Studants wear Barla Logo

Studants wear Barla Logo



England Students are preparing for their opening game in the Student World Cup later today when they take on Southern Hemisphere rivals Australia. They will have the full backing and support of BARLA (The British Amateur Rugby League Association).

Together with other organisations BARLA have donated an undisclosed four figure sponsorship sum to support the students and ease their financial burden of the players who had to raise £2800 to make the trip to Australia.

As a result of the sponsorship agreement the iconic BARLA logo is incorporated in the shirt design on the right hand sleeve and will have a visible presence throughout the competition which will hopefully see the team return home with the World Cup.

Steve Manning BARLA Vice Chair,

“BARLA wish the England Students the best of luck in the Student World Cup which begins later today in their opening game against Australia. Sue Taylor our chair received an email from Pat Crawshaw, Chair of the RFL University and Colleges Advisory Board to ask if we would be interested in sponsoring the side.

“A large number of the squad will have started their playing careers as children at our amateur clubs and some of them still play for their clubs within the amateur game and leagues. BARLA the pioneers of Northern & Southern Hemisphere tours since 1973 agreed to a four figure sponsorship which will see the iconic BARLA logo on the right hand sleeve of the shirt.

“BARLA from their past are aware of the financial costs to make these tours happen and although words of support from governing bodies are gratifying, hard cash is needed to assist the financial burden which everyone knows, we were happy to assist the England Students.”

In thanking BARLA for their “generous and much appreciated sponsorship”, Pat Crawshaw, Chair of the RFL University and Colleges Advisory Board noted that BARLA has long championed the International Game for amateur players.

She added, “It seems appropriate that BARLA’s contribution goes to support the England Universities Squad as they compete in the Students World Cup in Australia. Many of the players take part in the community game and it is commendable that the BARLA Board are supporting the grassroots game in this way.”

England Students Manager David Butler,

"Everyone in the squad is grateful for BARLA's support of England's Student World Cup Campaign. Each player has had to raise over £2800 to make the trip to Australia, but without the support of BARLA and our other sponsors, this amount could have been far higher" said David Butler, England Universities Team Manager.

“This group of young men have been extremely professional throughout their selection and have shown dedication to their goals during the first five days on the ground in Sydney and the experience will truly be a trip of a lifetime! Thanks from everyone in the squad to BARLA, especially to Sue Taylor, for the organisation's support. We are aiming to do you all proud!”

Steve Manning

BARLA Media Manager