BARLA supports RFL on COVID-19

BARLA supports RFL on COVID-19

In these unprecedented times throughout the world and in this country decisions are being made on a day to day to basis to defeat the corona virus pandemic and decisions being made by all sporting bodies.

In relation to rugby league in Great Britain BARLA support the action being taken by the governing body, the RFL in relation to all forms of the game including those at grassroots, the amateur game.

BARLA Chair Sue Taylor,

“The most important thing at this time is that everyone is safe and well and takes on board what is being advised to ensure that when we reach the end of this road we are all still safe and well. Within all sports in this country including rugby league that message is no different.

“In our great game BARLA support all the actions being taken by the RFL in all forms of the game including grassroots, the amateur game who are working on the remit of advice they have received from the government.

“Although the game at all forms has been suspended at least until the 3rd April it may well be that that suspension is extended beyond that date which gives all playing leagues dilemma’s for those completing their seasons and those just beginning theirs.

“BARLA are a member of the RFL Community Board which met last week and were given a current update in relation to the amateur game, another meeting is taking place later this week via a briefing call which will give a further update.

“All updates regarding our game are being posted on the BARLA website with links from its other social media sites which will continue and are available to all clubs, not just those who are part of BARLA as we are all in it together.

“As I said last week all the BARLA Cups at Open Age and Youth & Junior have been put on hold which had been scheduled for April and July respectively as there are rounds to be played. Those finals have already been postponed and will be played at a later date.

“BARLA will continue to support the RFL and look forward to the day when our sport is given the all clear, keep safe and well.”  

Steve Manning

BARLA Media Manager