BARLA Lions Tour (Fiji 2018) - Blog Three

BARLA Lions Tour (Fiji 2018) - Blog Three

Dave Parkinson talks training facilities in his latest tour blog.

As you read this, the squad is asleep, with final preparations done ahead of our first tour game against West Fiji.

I thought that I'd reflect on the training facilities we've used so far.

Shortly after we got here, the squad were put through a blow out session which was short and sharp. This immediately set the tone with high humidity despite it being around 6.30pm local time.

We walked, I would guess around half a mile to train on a school field which was bone dry and rock hard.

It suddenly dawned on everyone that despite arriving in what is one of the most developed Pacific nations, we had also touched down in a developing nation.

This was going to be an experience.

Day two brought more acclimatising. We walked further, in thirty-degree heat, loaded up like pack mules to another field which belongs to the local army regiment. The view from the touchline here was simply stunning, the pitch was tree-lined and drifted away into rising grass banks. We had ants for company and many interested locals stopped by to welcome us with a cheery "bula!"

Despite the sun being obscured in overcast skies we all got sunburned!

Day three in Fiji saw us start with breakfast and a team meeting. Angry red being a common colour amongst players and staff. We were then driven by bus to the main stadium in Nadi where we watched training from the Australian side we will face, got changed for the squad photo and then training.

Feel free to look at some pictures  I took from the venue, available on our facebook page -

I also did another catch up with coach Gary Hewer:

I must send cheeky apologies... but morale is good ahead of the game.